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Salon Confidential ‘Clip & Go’ extensions offer a versatile range of looks and are completely reusable individual Extensions

Each Salon Confidential box contains 12 individual 18-inch extensions, designed to fit the head naturally through the unique use of the lace on the weft, which is attached to the clip, ensuring there are no giveaway lumps and bumps on the scalp.

A full set of Salon Confidential extensions contains the same amount of hair as a set of professionally applied salon extensions, and blend just as seamlessly, and as each of the 12 individual extensions is placed within the hair you will see the volume and length gradually build to give the final effect of polished glamour and style.

And to make sure that there’s a choice for everyone, regardless of hair type or ethnicity there are 12 colours available ranging from mysterious black through to crystal, and pre-styled in three signature styles:

Bouncy Curl

Volume Wave

Stephanie’s Top Tip #1: Hair is naturally lighter on the ends, compared to the root, so when colour matching your hair with Salon Confidential extensions use the end of your natural hair as a guide…..

Silky Straight