1. Should I put heat on my extensions?

NO!!! The purpose of our Salon Confidential range is we have done the hard work for you, so as they are not heat proof, you will spoil the salon finish on the extensions.

2. Will my hair be difficult to style?

We have done all of the hard work for you. Most clients do struggle with tongs and curling their hair, or getting real volume into their own hair. Even straightening to a superb glossy finish is difficult to do on yourself, so Salon Confidential have taken all this into account and created a salon finish for you to use at home. Just style your own hair first and then simply clip in your Salon Confidential extensions to complete your transformation.

3. What happens if my extensions get tangled?

Don’t worry all hair tangles and these are no exception, so simply brush the extensions from the ends in a downward motion, working your way up to the top. The tangles will come out easily and the shine will be restored.

4. How do I wash my extensions?

Simply gently immerse in luke warm soapy water (Not hot), rinse with clean cool water and allow to dry naturally. Do not brush them when they are wet, allow them to dry and then brush. The curl formation in bouncy curl and volume wave will naturally restore itself.

5. How do I clip in my extensions?

 Watch the video below “Doing it yourself”