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How would you spend your extra time in the morning if you did not have to curl, blow dry, straighten, tease or crimp your hair? You could sleep in, make a home cooked breakfast or even start those early morning workouts you’ve been trying to fit into your routine. Wish no more, ladies! You dream of having beautiful, long, effortless hair has finally come true, thanks to clip in hair extensions from Salon Confidential.

These clip in hair extensions differ greatly from other hair extension products. In the past, a woman would endure sitting still for hours as hair strands were bonded (protein bonding or in some cases, damaging glue) to her own hair. Other methods of applying hair extensions include the weave, where your hair is braided tightly to your head and wefts of human or synthetic hair are sewn into this braid or braiding where long strands of hair are tightly braided into your own hair to achieve length. These methods are extremely time consuming and cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars – an investment that is quickly lost as the natural hair continues to grow.

Clip in hair extensions from Salon Confidential carry none of the hassle and expense of traditional extension methods. The clip sits flush to your head; there are no unsightly bumps or lumps at the attachment point. The grip to the hair and rubber termination band is so strong, you can brush the attached hair extensions with no fear of pulling them out. Yet, this grip is so gentle your hair is not damaged by application or removal. All Salon Confidential clip in hair extensions come pre-styled. Even after washing, drying and brushing, the style will retain its shape. It is so quick and easy! Simply part your hair and clip in the hair extensions. They take about ten minutes to apply. Then you can either leave your hair down or create any hairstyle you fancy. After a night out, day at the office, or hot date, simply unclip the hair extensions and put them away. The best part... A full set of clip in hair extensions is only £45.

Clip in hair extensions from Salon Confidential are seen on fashion runways and red carpet events but you do not have to be a celebrity to look like one. These money saving, easy-to-apply extensions are affordable and convenient for everyone. Just clip and go. It’s that simple.